Thursday, January 15, 2015

Celebrate the Past, Look to the Future

by +Robert Wood , Dean of UNF Continuing Education

I can't believe that 2014 is over and we are embarking on 2015. The year flew by. It has been almost nine years since I first committed to serve as the Dean of UNF Continuing Education. We have had many accomplishments in those years, all made possible by the dedicated team of UNF Continuing Education who work long hours to provide life changing training programs for the people of Jacksonville and the entire Northeast Florida area. We are excited about the new year and are pleased with last year's accomplishments. Here are a few we wanted to share with you.

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Faces!

Nancy Moydell
Business Development Specialist
The UNF Division of Continuing Education is so pleased to welcome Nancy Moydell to our team. As a Business Development Specialist, Nancy will concentrate on developing relationships with potential students and industry related companies in several key areas: Transportation and Logistics, Lean Six Sigma, Leadership Development, Certified Financial Planner, and the Paralegal Program. UNFCE Director Tim Giles states, "We are excited to have Nancy join the CE team. She brings years of experience in business development and has a real passion for helping individuals and organization achieve their goals."

Friday, December 5, 2014

Successfully Implementing Organizational Initiatives - Culture, Strategy and Tools

By Keith Gardner, UNFCE Lean Six Sigma Instructor

Many companies suffer from a chronic inability to successfully implement and sustain organization-wide initiatives. They lurch from program to program in an effort to generate results, but the results never come. This "flavor of the month" strategy saps morale and creates a distrust of other new programs as everyone believes that they too will be forgotten shortly only to be followed by another short-lived program...again.
The problem is often not that the initiatives themselves are ill conceived. Rather it is how they are implemented. Successful implementation of any organizational initiative requires that three key areas be addressed - culture, strategy and tools.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

OLLI Registration opens December 1, 2014

Winter 2015 Catalogs on their way to members!

That nip in the air signals that Winter is on its way. So are your UNF OLLI catalogs for Winter 2015!

Thanks to your intrepid Curriculum and ED-ventures team volunteers and your generous volunteer instructors more than 100 fun and interesting programs await you next term. Print catalogs are currently  on their way to you! 
Can’t wait to get started planning your Winter OLLI schedule? Click here for a digital page turning copy of the catalog (Adobe Flash required) or download the attached PDF.

We’re doing our part to engage you. Won’t you do your part to ensure your enrollment success?

What we’re doing to ensure your enrollment success:
·         Building courses in our online enrollment database.
·         Meeting with our database provider to ensure that the system will operate optimally.
·         Deploying extra staff to assist during the first week of enrollment.
What YOU can do to prepare for successful enrollment:
·         Online enrollers
o   Good for you! Sip your second cup of coffee as you select your Winter programs in your jammies!
§  Returning students
·         Before enrollment opens, test the user name and password associated with your OLLI account by signing in. You may see the Winter courses but the “add to cart” button will not appear until the morning of Dec. 1.
·         Check your membership and renew if it expires in the Winter. You must have a valid membership to see the “add to cart” button.
·         Having trouble? Try “Find my Username” and “Reset my Password.”
·         Need to check your membership expiration date? Frustrated and still having trouble? Call our friendly Customer Care Team at (904) 620-4200 during business hours.

·         New students and students who’ve been on hiatus since before Fall 2013
o   Sign out, sign back in and purchase a membership.
o   Check your email and account information to ensure the transaction was completed.
o   Having trouble? Frustrated?  Call our friendly Customer Care Team at (904) 620-4200 during business hours today or Monday.

·         Enrollers who call or mail their enrollments
o   We’ll be ready to process your calls and postal enrollments beginning Dec. 1. 
o   Call volumes will be heavy. Phone messages will be returned as inbound call volumes allow. Consider hanging up and trying your call again instead of leaving a message. If you do leave a message please wait for a return call before calling again.

·         Your enrollment options are:
o   Online – click here for UNF OLLI’s website. Click “Courses for Winter” (navigation on the left) and click here to sign in.
o   Mail to UNF OLLI, 12000 Alumni Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32224
o   By phone at (904) 620 – 4200. Call volumes will be heavy during the first week of enrollment.
o   In person – click here for directions. Parking is free and plentiful.

We are all excited to welcome you back to UNF OLLI for Winter 2015!  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Florida Ready to Work®: An Economic and Community Approach to Improving the Workforce in Florida

by +Robert Wood, Dean of UNF Division of Continuing Education

Leaders throughout the state of Florida have indicated that in order to stay competitive in recruiting industry and in expanding existing industry we must have a well trained workforce.  Michael O’Leary, President of the Grimes Companies, said; “One of the problems that we are facing is to make sure that the workforce of tomorrow will have the basic skills to compete in the new high tech based economy.”  This is indeed an economic issue in Florida.  We must have a well trained workforce to keep up with the new cluster based economy that we are striving to develop. It is important that when companies are seeking to expand or move to Florida the workforce is capable and ready.  There must be a systematic approach to improve the workforce in the state and in K-12 to ensure that students that graduate have the necessary skills to compete for the available jobs in Florida. This is absolutely critical in recruiting high tech manufacturing companies to the state and Northeast Florida.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Seasons of Change: Education, Career and Life

As fall unfolds, we here at Continuing Education are struck by the many facets of change which take place in life. Whether it’s a sometimes not so simple time shift due to Daylight Savings or a brave leap into a new career objective, change is as inevitable as the passage of time itself. Dealing with these metamorphoses is another matter. According to a recent article in the New York Times, "In the field of positive psychology, the hedonic treadmill is the idea that people have a set point of happiness throughout the course of their lives and are able to return to it from major positive or negative changes or events. Thus, while some people eagerly jump into a new pile of foliage, ready to tackle the new situation with great gusto, others may shuffle a few leaves around and hesitantly begin to adjust to the new status quo."
Despite some common changes which are experienced throughout the journey of life, it seems we are each capable of getting back to our happiness level. To aid in the bounce back to bliss, we've identified a UNFCE counterpart to each type of change, so read on to discover how we can help navigate the inevitable changes of life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall KickOff Isn't Just for Football

If you’ve ever attended a football game, then you know what happens immediately after the singing of the national anthem. All of the pregame, anticipation and preparation culminates in that one glorious act: the kickoff! Fans cheer and gaze in unison as that small object soars through the air and breaths are held as the receiver catches the ball with a thud and takes off running. In that one moment anything can happen, both sides have an equal chance of a winning outcome and hopes are high, both on and off the field. It’s electric and exciting!

We are feeling the same way about our new fall term! We’ve been pregaming and preparing all summer to bring you an exciting fall season of lifelong learning opportunities to enhance your personal and professional journeys. Just as your favorite football team might be unveiling new uniforms, new coaches and kickoff events to make your participation more enjoyable, we have new things to share with you too. 

Here are five things to look forward to as our fall term kicks off on September 1: