Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Ways to Extend Your Summer

by +Sonja Rocha 

Just because summer is ending soon and kids are back to school, you don't have to fall back into the dull drum pattern of Work - Home - Sleep - Work - Home - Sleep. Hasn't it been nice to enjoy a slower pace at work and home? The end of summer often has us preparing for the hectic pace of fall with the holiday season close at the heels. We invite you, however, to pause that preparation and consider stretching those summer vibes a bit longer. Here are three ways to take the spirit of summer into fall.

1. Gather with friends

We are lucky here in Florida. Outdoor activities don't have to end in August. Beaches, campsites and waterways are open year round for you to explore. Why not meet up with friends for an after work (and school) social at the beach or by the river? The days are still long, the evenings are mild, and the crowds are gone. Pack a few sandwiches, and enjoy an evening walk in the sand next to the roar of the ocean. It's amazing how just an hour or two can feel like a vacation far away when you take a break from your regular routine.

2. Take a class

The kids are back in school, but how about you? If it's been a while since you've stepped into a classroom, you've forgotten how satisfying a lesson learned can be. How are those 2014 New Year resolutions coming along? It's not too late. Fall is the perfect time get enrolled and finish up a professional certification or skill-building class. 

Here's another reason to enroll. It's a known medical fact that being exposed to new situations and ideas stimulates your brain to create Serotonin, the happy hormone. No wonder it always feels good to learn something new. The fall term at UNF Continuing Education begins September 1st, but there are plenty of great classes to choose from in August.

3. Start a project

Were you having too much fun over summer to finish your honey-do list? Does your landscaping need a little TLC? Does a room need painting? Plants need potting? Were you thinking of writing the great American novel or starting a blog? Don't wait until 2015. Do it now! There are five+ months left this year. Even if you just lay the groundwork for your project, just taking the first steps will take it from the idea world into reality.

Want more ideas? Explore our new catalogs for great skill building ideas and more. But no matter what you do, stay active this fall. It reduces stress and keeps the blues away. And your Facebook posts will be much more interesting too! Find out more at our website.

How do you extend your summer? Comment and let us know!