Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall KickOff Isn't Just for Football

If you’ve ever attended a football game, then you know what happens immediately after the singing of the national anthem. All of the pregame, anticipation and preparation culminates in that one glorious act: the kickoff! Fans cheer and gaze in unison as that small object soars through the air and breaths are held as the receiver catches the ball with a thud and takes off running. In that one moment anything can happen, both sides have an equal chance of a winning outcome and hopes are high, both on and off the field. It’s electric and exciting!

We are feeling the same way about our new fall term! We’ve been pregaming and preparing all summer to bring you an exciting fall season of lifelong learning opportunities to enhance your personal and professional journeys. Just as your favorite football team might be unveiling new uniforms, new coaches and kickoff events to make your participation more enjoyable, we have new things to share with you too. 

Here are five things to look forward to as our fall term kicks off on September 1: