Friday, September 12, 2014

Seasons of Change: Education, Career and Life

As fall unfolds, we here at Continuing Education are struck by the many facets of change which take place in life. Whether it’s a sometimes not so simple time shift due to Daylight Savings or a brave leap into a new career objective, change is as inevitable as the passage of time itself. Dealing with these metamorphoses is another matter. According to a recent article in the New York Times, "In the field of positive psychology, the hedonic treadmill is the idea that people have a set point of happiness throughout the course of their lives and are able to return to it from major positive or negative changes or events. Thus, while some people eagerly jump into a new pile of foliage, ready to tackle the new situation with great gusto, others may shuffle a few leaves around and hesitantly begin to adjust to the new status quo."
Despite some common changes which are experienced throughout the journey of life, it seems we are each capable of getting back to our happiness level. To aid in the bounce back to bliss, we've identified a UNFCE counterpart to each type of change, so read on to discover how we can help navigate the inevitable changes of life.