Friday, September 12, 2014

Seasons of Change: Education, Career and Life

As fall unfolds, we here at Continuing Education are struck by the many facets of change which take place in life. Whether it’s a sometimes not so simple time shift due to Daylight Savings or a brave leap into a new career objective, change is as inevitable as the passage of time itself. Dealing with these metamorphoses is another matter. According to a recent article in the New York Times, "In the field of positive psychology, the hedonic treadmill is the idea that people have a set point of happiness throughout the course of their lives and are able to return to it from major positive or negative changes or events. Thus, while some people eagerly jump into a new pile of foliage, ready to tackle the new situation with great gusto, others may shuffle a few leaves around and hesitantly begin to adjust to the new status quo."
Despite some common changes which are experienced throughout the journey of life, it seems we are each capable of getting back to our happiness level. To aid in the bounce back to bliss, we've identified a UNFCE counterpart to each type of change, so read on to discover how we can help navigate the inevitable changes of life.

Off to College!:To start, going off to college is often seen as a big mile marker in one’s life; however, in today’s competitive higher education forest, it can be difficult to stand out among the other trees. And while test scores are not the end-all be-all to receiving that valued acceptance letter, it does help to shine on the ACT or SAT, respectively. To boost confidence and learn valuable time and stress management tips, we encourage parents to enroll their college-bound teens in our academic test preparation courses conveniently scheduled on Saturdays. (comment) Similarly, the same stress comes for those who make the change to return for a Masters, Doctorate or MBA. With GRE, GMAT and MCAT preparation scheduled in the evenings and on weekends, even returning students can increase their self-assurance and successfully tackle graduate entry exams on their way to a higher degree.
Wedding Bells and Housewarming: For many, getting married and buying a house are seen as giant steps into adulthood, and we’re here to help! Our Learn Jacksonville program offers a variety of personal enrichment classes to support you in these two life changes. From planning your nuptials to DIYing your own dream wedding in the form of beautiful floral arrangements to even decorating your first home together, you can count on us. The classes are held in the evening to accommodate the busiest of work schedules and are offered year round.
Career Changes and Shifts: Considering a career change? Or perhaps you’ve had to reorient after your organization shifted? Changing jobs is often seen as the most stressful and difficult experience in a person’s life. We’re here to help! Our instructors and field experts know what it takes to weather dynamic work circumstances. From boosting your resume with a certification or brushing up on your communication skills to learning what it takes to be a leader, we have a variety of courses, training series and programs to aid on your journey to a more colorful and verdant professional future.
Online through ed2go: So now you’re beginning to juggle a demanding job, busy family schedules and shrinking personal time. This type of life change can be both a blessing and a challenge, but you don’t have to put your own learning on the backburner! With our convenient online course offerings through our partner, ed2go, you’re able to keep your professional skills up to date and gain useful personal skills at your own pace Learn how to master the newest version of Microsoft© Word or how to trace your family’s genealogy from the comfort of your own home.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute/OLLI: Ah, the golden years! Finally, you have the time to enjoy many experiences you may have not gotten a chance to before. Never took that medieval art class in college or explored Jacksonville’s historic places? The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, or OLLI, is your ticket to pursue a wide assortment of subjects, ranging from music to literature to even science. Expand your social circles and broaden your horizons all while continuing to learn for life. Retirement may be a big change indeed, but with OLLI, it can be a wonderful opportunity to grow and thrive!
UNF OLLI visits the CoRK Arts District
Looking at some of the metamorphoses that can take place throughout life is overwhelming! No wonder many people may struggle to orient themselves after shifts such as going to college, buying a home, losing a job or retiring. However, we firmly believe that no one is alone on their path. As a trusted education and training provider, UNF Continuing Education is here as a source of knowledge and support for life’s predictable and unforeseen changes. Count on us to help weather your seasons of change.
-Your Friends at UNF Continuing Education