Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Get to Know Casey Knowles, new Accounts Payable Specialist

In our next "Get to Know" new staff post series, we interviewed Casey Knowles, new Accounts Payable Specialist at UNF Continuing Education. As you read the following Q and A, you will see why Casey has become an integral member of our team so quickly. We are delighted to welcome her and know that you will want to do the same. Her contact information can be found at the end of the interview.

Casey, could you share some background information of your professional career? 

Casey: My adult career started in insurance.  I was a file clerk for a year and then started making my way through the company.  "One and Done" was the motto so I eventually learned billing, processing, and Builders Risk Ins. My final step was Underwriter for Property/Casualty Ins.   I left the insurance world when a position needed to be filled as the Director of Children’s Ministry at my church.  I did that for 2 ½ years and got a full-time job for a commercial distributor doing customer service, shipping, and AP/AR.  Five years later I applied at UNF in the Physical Facilities department doing accounting work and have moved around trying to find my place.

Why did you want to work at UNF Continuing Education?

Casey: I accepted the job in CE because it’s different than any other department on campus.  I’m a firm believer in keeping the mind tuned and doing things that you love and Continuing Education gives you the opportunity to do that.  Being a student at UNF as well, I felt like working here and taking classes would be accepted and encouraged.  CE also just seemed like a good fit.  There were things to learn, but the skills I gathered from Phys Fac and AP really made me feel confident that I could do this job.

How would you describe your role at UNF Continuing Education?

Casey: My role here in CE is to keep everyone on track with payments to instructors and vendors, P-card transactions, and accounting/budget needs.  I work closely with all the program managers and staff to make sure payments are made timely so they can move on to the next project.  My motto is “Teamwork makes the Dream work”.  I like that my job allows me to interact and help out wherever I can.

Anything else you want us to share about you?

Casey: I’m on the USPA Committee, Parking Advisory Council, and help out with EH&S projects on campus (Garbage on the Green, Recycle-mania, etc.).  I enjoy working on projects around campus and getting to know the faculty and staff.  I also believe that the Staff needs to be a presence on campus and that getting involved with the students helps them learn that volunteering doesn’t stop after graduation.  There are needs to be met all over the world and as abled bodies we should be making a difference.

  • I love my cats
  • I’m getting my degree in Health Administration
  • I’m an introvert trying not to be
  • I sing (mostly church and karaoke) 
 Send Casey a welcome note to or say hello by phone at (904) 620-4230.