Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Explore the World of Wine with Us!

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Wine has been part of history for thousands of years and all cultures have enjoyed its benefits. Some research suggests that wine even has unique health properties. Good quality wine; reasonably priced, and readily available, is actually a fairly recent development here in the United States, gaining the most notoriety at the Paris wine tasting in 1976. In addition to California-produced wines, Americans can now enjoy delicious varietals from wine regions across the globe.

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Unfortunately, though, wine tasting had gotten a bad reputation in the past as something only reserved for the snobby wine experts. It can be intimidating to try to select a wine in the grocery store aisle and forget trying to pair a wine with food! Lucky for us, though; vineyards, wine shops, and yes, even grocery stores, are now attempting to make wine tasting a fun and less intimidating experience. Consumers are now encouraged to "drink what you like" and not be afraid to try new wines. Practically speaking, though, exploring the world of wine can be a bit expensive with bottles ranging anywhere from $10 to $50 or more. So what to do if you want to not only try new wines but actually learn more about them at the same time? The best answer is to find wine tasting opportunities!

Instructor Richard Park
Many stores offer wine tasting opportunities but the selection is limited, they are often crowded and the opportunity to really learn much about the wine or be able to compare to other wines is often non-existent.  While this is helpful, it is much more valuable to take a fun wine tasting class and UNF Continuing Education has a full schedule of classes for your enjoyment! No prior wine knowledge is needed and you can start at any of the classes--they are not sequential.

Our wine guide is Richard Park. Richard has been in the wine business for his entire career spanning 32 years. He has worked closely with chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers and retailers, with wine education as a key responsibility in many of the positions he has held. He has traveled extensively throughout the major wine producing regions of the world. So what are you waiting for? Registration is open now for our fall lineup of wine tasting classes and these popular classes can fill up quickly.

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Upcoming classes are scheduled in Sept., Nov. and Dec. For a list of all upcoming wine tasting classes, visit: