Thursday, November 10, 2016

ATD NEFL Annual Event

The ATD NEFL Annual Event hosted by UNFCE today (11/10/16) was a success!
Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and to other sponsors who helped make the event possible! We hope you all enjoyed it!
At the event, attendees learned how to leverage communities of practice to cultivate collaboration that could contribute to the success of their talent development efforts. The Communities of Practice consisted of: Learning & Development, Learning Technologies, Science of Learning, and Management.

Throughout the highly interactive event, UNFCE along with other corporations such as NSU, Webster University, Right Management, ATD, One Call Care Management, and Lee Hecht Harrison, provided extensive networking opportunities by tabling, conversing, and interacting with attendees.

Prizes were awarded by raffle, and Bingo cards were disseminated for attendees to get signatures from each sponsor's table for an opportunity to make connections, and to win a prize as well.

ATD NEFL is a non-profit organization that is the region's leading resource for professionals in the workplace learning field.

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