Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Prepare to tackle the editing process with our "Be Your Own Editor" course!

Tackle the editing process with us in our "Be Your Own Editor" course!

In today’s literary world, agents, publishers, and contest committees expect submissions to be as close to perfect as possible. That means it is the responsibility of budding authors to either thoroughly edit their own work or pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to a freelance editor.

This course, taught by Professional Editor John Boles, will help train you to catch and correct the most common mistakes made by writers of fiction and nonfiction alike.

You will gain practical experience in identifying and overcoming your weaknesses as a writer.

The next course is from 11/30/16 - 12/14/16 (on Wednesdays) from 6:30p.m. - 8:30p.m. at UNF Herber University Center.

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