Friday, January 13, 2017

Register now - Level I Photography: Digital Photo Basics and Photography Fundamentals - Starts. Jan. 23!

Our beginning "Level I Photography: Digital Photo Basics and Photography Fundamentals" course is for those wishing to use more than the auto shooting mode. The course starts Jan. 23!
It begins with basics on exposure, aperture and depth of field before moving into shooting modes, shutter speed exposure, compensation and more.

It is strongly recommended that you take the Pre-Level I Photography Workshop first unless you are familiar with your camera controls.

This course teaches how to use the controls and includes but is not limited to the following topics:

Basics: exposure triangle, aperture and depth of field, shutter speed and motion, ISO & noise and exposure compensation

The rest: using the histogram to ensure good exposures, how the various shooting modes work and when to use which one, how the camera sets the exposure and compensating what to do when it gets it wrong.