Friday, February 3, 2017

Level II Photography - Starts Feb. 20!

In our Level II Photography: Taking Control, More Help in Refining Your Photos course, you will go beyond basics and learn what the camera is doing so more creative control can be applied.

Understand the traits of light and how the camera interprets them. Learn metering, metering modes and how the camera determines exposure. Topics include:

Lighting: recognizing the type of light present and using it properly, learning the qualities, traits & types of light, all about white balance for color control.

Other: key concept for exposure of neutral and learning to recognize it in a scene, how all the camera metering modes work & when to use each one, getting sharp images, controlling where you focus, tripod tips, sensor size and crop factor impact and the graduate course on depth of field for dramatic photos.

The course finishes with an introduction to flash and a wrap up with some image analysis.